Notable Cases

State v. David Corn (Harford County): Client initially facing life imprisonment if convicted of rape charges. Client walked out of home detention with a Probation Before Judgment (not a conviction) on second-degree sex offense charges after hard work of attorneys led to an almost unheard-of plea deal from the state in this case which was heavily covered in the news. Client not required to register as a sex offender, almost unheard-of in this type of sex offense case, and sentenced only to time-served on a second-degree assault and probation.

State v. James Lockhart, Circuit Court for Baltimore City, 2/20/2013: Client accused of numerous serious gun-related charges including handgun on person: wear/carry and stolen pistol — sell etc.

Result: Client granted judgment of acquittal on all charges.

State v. Dennis Clary, Circuit Court for Baltimore City: Defendant facing significant jail time on felony handgun possession charges and drug possession charges.

Result: All charges dropped.

New York Fried Chicken, Baltimore Development Corporation Client, a small business owner, received a settlement of $240,000 from the City of Baltimore in an eminent domain case.

State v. Johndell Allen, Circuit Court for Baltimore City: Defendant facing significant jail time on charges of felony first-degree assault charges.

Result: Defendant released from incarceration.

State v. Masood Shafgat, District Court for Baltimore Cit.: Defendant facing significant jail time on charges of second degree sexual assault.

Result: Not guilty after bench trial.

State v. Patrick Wheeler, Circuit Court for Washington Count.: Defendant faced 10 years of jail time on charges of assaulting a prison guard.

Result: Hung jury after jury trial; Defendant was released from jail shortly after jury trial, while awaiting new trial.

State v. Kevon Jefferson, Circuit Court for Baltimore City: Defendant faced first-degree murder and use of a handgun in commission of a crime charges.

Result: Maryland's Court of Special Appeals vacated defendant's murder conviction because of an improper jury instruction by the trial court, and matter set for new trial in a publicized case.

State v. Antonio Donnell Jones, Circuit Court for Wicomico County: Defendant faced second-degree attempted murder charges and handgun charges.

Result: Attempted murder charges dropped; defendant received five years active time on a first-degree assault plea in a publicized case. His co-defendant, represented by other counsel, received life in prison on murder conviction.

State v. Joshua Allen, District Court for Baltimore County: Defendant faced jail time on DUI and other charges.

Result: All charges dropped.

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