Holding Medical Providers Accountable For A Misdiagnosis

When you visit your doctor or any other medical specialist to be tested for an illness, you are likely under the assumption that they are researching every possible outcome in an effort to determine whether or not you should be undergoing any kind of treatment.

Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, medical professionals can give the wrong tests, read the results incorrectly or miss an indicator that would otherwise determine your fate. A misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can have a severe impact on your health and the longevity of your life.

Certain diseases or illness, when caught early, can be eradicated and your health can be restored. If missed, they are left to develop and spread, ultimately causing far more harm than necessary.

The Failure To Diagnose Cancer

At The Law Offices of Thomas Maronick Jr LLC, our attorneys work with Maryland individuals who have been misdiagnosed or experienced delayed diagnosis of the following:

  • Cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer, throat cancer and more
  • Heart misdiagnoses, leading to stroke or a heart attack

Our founding attorney, Thomas J. Maronick Jr, is a skilled trial lawyer and negotiator who will protect your rights. He has represented clients throughout Maryland who have sustained a wide range of injuries due to medical mistake, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.

Learn More About Medical Malpractice

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