Experienced Federal Crime Representation

Having tough legal defense in federal matters is crucially important. Federal charges often carry statutory minimums, meaning that if you do not get the proper advice on whether to fight or to plea a federal charge, you could be facing serious time.

Federal crimes often include crimes that involve an interstate transaction, such as alleged drug trafficking across state lines, conspiracy, sex trafficking, or gun crimes among many other cases that arise federally.

Understanding Your Legal Options In Federal Court

As The New York Times noted in an article on federal cases, most are plea-bargained, though some are worth trying due to the success ration the government normally has in proving its cases if taken to trial.

It doesn't make sense to take a risk on federal charges when some of the statutory minimums are without the possibility of parole during the sentence or are to run consecutive to any other sentence unless you have triable issues and know the risks to make an informed decision.

The cases worth trying can involve statutory, procedural and fact-based defenses that can provide a way out on even the worst of charges.

Negotiating a plea or defending the charges involves experience and an ability to handle even the toughest of situations.

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