Client Reviews

I could not have asked for a better lawyer than Katie Furlong. I recommend her to all my friends and family. She knows the ins and outs of a courtroom and is great at keeping in touch with her clients and keeping them up to date. If you want to be in good hands as well I would suggest reaching out to Katie Furlong and have her assist you with your legal troubles.

- Criminal Law Client

I wanted to personally reach out to you to extend my gratitude and praise for Ms. Furlong (and as of the court date yesterday Ms. Flynn). The knowledge, consistency and ablity to get back to any correspondence in a timely fashion was remarkable. The composure inside and outside of courtroom was beyond commendable. Ms. Furlong was not only a fighter, but honest when it came to knowing when to settle something and when to fight. She knew when to impeach and when to sit back and let the defendant impeach himself on record. She is an honest, hard working, very educated attorney that took on a case that most attorneys deemed "impossible" or "way too complicated". She and Ms. Flynn's courtroom etiquette, strategies, professionalism, and legal knowledge not only made me feel comfortable and at ease, it was notably something I believe most individuals would not have be able to achieve. While Ms. Furlong may be young in regards to the legal field, I can attribute to her "fighting" power and drive to succeed for her clients, and for my son's best interest. I have passed her name along with your firms name on to multiple people with very large (and small) cases. My case, while it still stands Sub Curia after 8.5 hours of trial until 5:30pm yesterday, that was brought upon me by the father (50/50), would have most likely ended up me paying thousands a month for my son due to hidden assets, funds, accounts, etc. The work she did was so outstanding, that the State sided with our position regardless of the fact that the father submitted for the Child Support. In all hopes,the Judge will see the same.

I wanted to commend your firm, especially Ms. Furlong (and accompanying attorney Ms. Flynn) for their amazing work. While they both have different personalities and demeanor in the courtroom, it was a wonderful combination and effort. Thank you again, and please commend these two women for a great job they have done. Fingers crossed, the Judge rules in our favor. If that is the case, then Ms. Furlong won a battle that a lot of attorneys stated was "the impossible". Thank you again.

- Heather Smith

When trying to find a lawyer to help in filing for Bankruptcy my search came to a short search. I immediately felt comfortable discussing my situation and getting advice from Mr. Maronick about moving forward. His ability to update and keep me appraised about a sensitive matter helped me stay positive about future endeavors.

When looking for a staff of professional and someone who is devoted to a cause then look no further than Tom Maronick.

Allyson Boyette

My husband was facing a myriad of charges including handgun on person, reckless endangerment and assault in the second degree. When the incident happened, I was on the hunt for an attorney. We chose Thomas Maronick Jr because of his professionalism, honesty, and he genuinely wanted to assist in keeping my husband's background clean. My husband is a CPA. When we arrived in court, the prosecutor was offering a year in prison for a guilty plea! After Tom's first discussion with the prosecutor, she offered my husband to plead guilty to the second degree assault charge and this would remove the jail time, dropping the rest of the charges. Tom persisted for the prosecutor to consider a PBJ when out of nowhere the prosecutor relented and decided to drop the charges. If you are looking for an attorney who is passionate about what he does, and is WELL CONNECTED in the community, Thomas Maronick Jr is your go to guy.

- Holly

Mr. Maronick did a great job on my DUI case. I have had two DUI's and with his help I got bare minimum punishment, even though we plead guilty. I came into court prepared, almost knowing what the outcome would be before-hand. A lawyer based in Ocean City is sure to have experience with criminal defense and DUI cases, and it showed in court. I highly recommend hiring Mr. Maronick for your DUI or other case.

- J.

I was charged with a DUI and other traffic violations. Mr. Maronick has a vast amount of knowledge in this area and knew exactly what to do and how to handle my case. It was easy to contact him, and/or the staff in his office, throughout the process. With his knowledge and experience, I received a lesser charge. I highly recommend using his services especially if you are facing any kind of DUI/DWI charge. I could not be happier with his service and the outcome of my case.

- a DUI client

If you need an attorney for any reason, please call Attorney Maronick. He handled my sensitive case with a successful "Not Guilty" verdict, & expungement. He was always available and very informative. It's hard to find an honest lawyer, & he kept me in the loop the entire time. I'm very selective, & I interviewed many lawyers before choosing him. I'm glad I did.

- a Thankful client

From beginning to end of my case, Mr. Thomas and his office constantly kept me in touch with the progress of my case. I had 5 tickets 2 are DUI and DWI and he reduced it to 1 DWI and 11 miles less in speeding ticket so the fine was also lowered. He has been very helpful even with my post verdict and offered his office help even after the case was settled. His office will help me with lowering the probation period as well

I would strongly recommend him for your 1st choice, He's very flexible with the payment and offered cheapest rate among other Lawyers among Baltimore area after hearing my financial struggle.

- Shafi

Tom is the absolute best out there! We found him and hired him to handle a very complicated federal case. He kept in touch by phone, email, and we even met for appetizers as well a couple times to go over my case. I was wrongly accused of doing something; and Tom stood by my side the entire time until the charges were dropped by the Government. He's polite, kind, funny, helpful, and takes his time to explain "legaleze" or anything that the average non-lawyer citizen doesn't understand. He's a good, kind and wonderful attorney and gentleman. I now have his phone number in my cell, and although I hope to never have to need an attorney again, I will definitely call Tom if I ever do. He's wonderful, savvy, and has an outstanding "win" record! Bravo and thanks again for everything Tom!

- Janet, a Federal Crime client

Tom was one of three attorneys that I interviewed to determine who I would want to handle my case. I selected him because never made me feel guilty or ashamed for ending up in bankruptcy and his fees were very reasonable. During my case, he responded to all of my questions and concerns within 24 hours and typically much sooner. I would recommend Tom Maronick for all of your legal needs without reservation. He is a highly competent aggressive attorney who will do what he says he will do.

- a Chapter 7 client

A little over a month ago when i hired Tom, i knew i was in good hands from the first phone call I had with him. When i explained my case with being charged disorderly conduct and assault towards a police officer, his confidence in providing a positive outcome was reassuring. He was always available when i needed to talk to him and always returned my calls. Because of the absurd charges with my case he charged me a flat rate which was much less that other attorneys and much less than what he would normally charge. He was able to get a deal that dropped all charges and removed from my record. Tom went above and beyond to find out details pertaining to my case and if i needed to be in court on a last minute issue. If i ever need attorney help again Tom is someone i will call and i recommend as well.

- a Thankful client

Tom did a great job on my case. He was very knowledgable and forthcoming. He had great knowledge of the area judges and even though we ended up getting a judge from another district he had experience with him as well! Tom always was available by email and responded in less than 15 minutes every time. I was in a tough position with my future in jeopardy and he got a not guilty verdict when the states attorney was only offering pbj. Overall highly recommended.

-a Criminal Defense client

I am a business owner and I have used Tom as both my professional and personal lawyer. He is a great help with large contract negotiations, is very knowledgeable in Employment law and has helped me a great deal with smoothing out my collections process when a client refuses to pay.

Highly recommended!

- Gary, a Contracts client

If you are seeking good and professional legal assistance; stop right here and call Mr. Maronick Jr. I had a personal matter that I needed help with, being my first time I was very nervous and scared. Mr Maronick took all those fears away and handled my case based on my benefit. I could not have started or gotten this far without his compassion and understanding--- don't hesitate give him a call.

- Thelma, a Chapter 7 client

I was very please with the professionalism of this firm. The results were better than expected.

-Stacey E., a criminal client

Knowledgable of the process and helpful. Made sure we were taken care of and aware of our options.

-William B., a criminal client